The Nguyen Music Studio is a unique private studio in San Diego specializing in music education for violin, viola, and cello taught with a holistic emphasis.  We pride ourselves on providing a healthy and supportive learning environment for our students. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to produce not only exceptional musicians, but more importantly, exceptional human beings.  We embrace technology, psychology, ergonomics, visualization, and the development of essential life skills as resources in order to provide a comprehensive education in music and in life.

By providing a safe, gentle, and open environment which allows growth and change to happen naturally, we hope to improve each student’s quality of life, encourage them to experience who they are as unique, original, and unlimited beings, and invite them to become aware of their true potential.

As a parent, I appreciate that Ms. Nguyen is not only an accomplished musician and teacher, but is also an individual who takes care in teaching her students life skills that help them in all aspects of their development as musicians and (more importantly) as individuals.
— Betty Cottle, parent