Online Tools

Metronome Online - This elegant interface boasts traditional BPM tempo markings with an optional A-440 tuning drone.

Tunerr: Online Chromatic Tuner - Uses your internal microphone or a line-in input as a pickup.  Make sure to allow the program to access your microphone.


Violin Masterclass - Famed pedagogue, Kurt Sassmannshaus, hosts a comprehensive library of video tutorials and performances, along with practice guides and repertoire lists. - A treasure-trove of everything violin-related!  Most famed for its discussion forum, it also has links to interviews, blogs, and online retailers. 

VIOLA SITES - Known for its email group, The Viola List, is devoted to resources and information only applicable to violists.

American Viola Society - Mostly geared towards professionals, the AVS is a great place to learn about competitions, studios, and read past issues of the Journal of the American Viola Society.


Cello Bello - Created by New England Conservatory professor, Paul Katz, Cello Bello features blogs by famous cellists, video masterclasses, streamed online events, and information on competitions. 

Internet Cello Society - Much like, but for cellists!  ICS features an active discussion forum, as well as tips, information on competitions, and links to online stores.

Composition Software

Finale - At the highest levels, Finale can create more complex notation than Sibelius, but it has a very high learning curve.  They offer Finale Notepad, beginning composition software for free!

Sibelius - Most musicians will find Sibelius' intuitive interface perfect for their needs as a non-professional engraver.  They offer Avid Scorch, an app that lets you read your music on your iPad!

Music Theory Resources

Music - Animated music theory lessons that are supported by apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  A clean interface and simple language makes learning theory enjoyable!

Teoria: Music Theory Web - Music theory lessons supported by video and audio examples.  The exercises are more customizable making them perfect for more advanced students.

Local Retailers

The Violin Shop - When repairs are needed, San Diegans take their instruments to Kevin Smith.  They also have a large inventory of high-quality instruments and host several teaching studios.

San Diego Violins - Formerly Hammond Ashley Violins, SDV boasts a large fleet of high-quality rental instruments.  They also specialize in bow rehairing.

Online Retailers 

SHAR Music - SHAR is the #1 online retailer of stringed instruments and accessories.  They carry products that cater towards professionals and advancing students at great prices.

Southwest Strings - SWS doesn't carry the more advanced instruments and accessories that SHAR does, but they do have a "Best Price Promise" ensuring you never overpay for the things you need.

Professional Organizations

American String Teachers' Association - ASTA provides educational resources to string teachers as well as opportunities for their students to excel - like the Certificate Achievement Program.

Music Teachers' Association of California - MTAC offers the famous Certificate of Merit program as well as performance and composition opportunities for all students of its members.