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Quyen has been incredibly helpful to my daughter about all aspects of music from her excellent pedagogy and taste in choosing repertoire for students to career advice about being a musician, the real-life business aspects of a musical career and knowledge about instruments, bows, and locations where you can find trusted sellers.

Cultivating musicality in young students new to the technical part of performing music is a huge challenge, but Quyen does this very, very well. It is no surprise that my daughter is principal cello in her high school orchestra, and an outstanding student in her music theory classes. The quality of her student recitals throughout the past several years is a testament to her talent as a superb music teacher.

Not only extremely professional, she is also very well-connected in the network of Southern California string performers, staying current with new trends in classical music and using this knowledge to teach her students not only the technical aspects of performance, but helping them also develop taste and find their musical style so they can perform with the musicality which distinguishes true performers from merely technical players.

I cannot recommend her highly enough to parents looking for the best string instrument education for their children within San Diego County.
— Mark Benedyk, parent

A couple weeks after I began my private lessons with Ms. Nguyen, I noticed immediate progress: my posture was fixed, my practice habits improved, and, most importantly, I opened my mind to the wonders of music. Ms. Nguyen taught me what music was all about; playing all the notes correctly and perfectly may be important, but communication through the music is what really counts.

I never felt bored during Ms. Nguyen’s lessons because she always kept me thinking and asking questions. She didn’t just tell me what to do; she taught me through self-evaluation and visualization in my mind of exactly how I was going to play. Imagining a particular scenario helped me to set myself in the mood of the piece I was playing. The music you play should express how you feel inside. It was much easier to play with feeling when you relate it to your own personal experiences, whether they’re real or made up. Another influential method is ‘believing in myself’. If I set my mind to playing the violin at 100%, I will succeed.
— Jenny Li, violin student

Over the past three years, I tried taking lessons with other teachers and found myself disappointed with their methods and my results. I decided that Quyen would be my last try.  The thing that intrigued me most was that she played the viola and loved it.

I have been astounded at what she’s taught me to do.  My playing has greatly improved and for the first time, since I played in high school, I find myself loving the challenge.  Quyen has shown me the possibilities and gives me something to work towards, while not discouraging my efforts.  She is an amazing violist, a wonderful teacher, and a role model.  Even 67 year old students need role models.

I know I am only a beginner, but have already dramatically improved.  Quyen’s method of leading me to a point, then having me discover the answer has had amazing results. She has been patient in bringing my viola playing to a new standard, and she’s also gently led me to examine myself. 

She has a gift that few others possess.  Quyen works diligently to improve instrument playing, but works carefully in other parts of your life.  She has helped me begin to open the door to my personality, examine it, then discover it’s only the way I feel about me that truly matters.  She’s an incredibly talented musician and person that I see going on to new and amazing heights.  I am grateful to have experienced her as a teacher, a leader, and a friend.

Would I recommend Quyen as a teacher?  As a leader?  As a friend?  Absolutely.  As for my “last try” at playing my viola?  I will always play and when I do I’ll remember Quyen and her patience.
— Kathy Boettcher, viola student