Music & VARK

There are many statistics which claim that students who study music score higher on exams than those who don’t. Even more impressive is the study conducted by Forbes magazine which states that an astonishing 93% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have had music education in their lives. But does studying music actually make you more intelligent or increase your chances for success in life?

Most people have a preference for one of the four learning styles (Visual, Aural, Read/Write & Kinesthetic), and those who excel in several categories are referred to as multi-modal learners. In general, the type of learning style you prefer makes it easier to communicate with and learn from people who employ specific teaching and communication techniques.

For example, if you are a Visual learner, you might enjoy a short film conveying the appropriate information. If you are an Aural learner, you may prefer to converse with others to gain information. If you are a Read/Write learner, you may prefer to read an article or pamphlet that lists information. And if you are a Kinesthetic learner, you might have to “learn by doing” and take a more hands-on approach to acquire information.

So how does music relate to learning styles and VARK Performing on a musical instrument engages all four styles of learning! Visual information is acquired by watching the hands on the instrument and the music, aural information is gained by using critical listening skills to assess one’s playing, read/write information is obtained by reading sheet music and making notes in the music, and kinesthetic information is gleaned from the awareness needed to control one’s body movements and know which physical movements correspond to which results.

The more you are exposed to a particular learning style, the better you become in receiving information in that way. Since musicians are constantly learning in all four ways, they capably absorb information regardless of the style of communication used, creating better students and more capable teachers, leaders, and communicators.

To find out more about VARK and your learning style, visit! They even have a test which caters to younger students. Enjoy!