Outfitting the Home Practice Studio

     Your home practice studio is a space you depend on to experiment, develop skill, and bring your music to life.  With the right tools, you can streamline the process, and work more efficiently and effectively!

Music Stand - Don't opt for inexpensive wire music stands; they are flimsy and often too short (leading to heavier music falling off during practice, and poor posture due to hunching over the music). Invest in a heavy-duty orchestral stand that will last a lifetime!  Manhasset - under $40

Mirror - A mirror will allow you to evaluate and make adjustments to your posture and form in real-time.  Violinists and violists may only need a mirror that shows from their waist up, but cellists will require a full-length mirror.  IKEA - price varies

Metronome & Tuner - Metronomes help you keep tempo and subdivide beats, whereas tuners help you check intonation and keep your instrument in tune.  Korg TM-50 - under $30

Extra Set of Strings - Nothing halts a practice session like a broken string!  Avoid this by keeping an extra set around.  Strings - price varies

Recording Device - Whether for video or audio recordings, having the ability to study your posture, technique, and interpretation is indispensable.  Most smartphones have the ability to record sound, video, or both, making for a versatile addition to the studio.

Instrument Holder - Sometimes, the hardest part about practicing is getting the instrument out of the case!  Eliminate this chore by having the instrument and bow always ready to go!  Instrument Stands - price varies

Good Lighting - Poor lighting will not only strain your eyes, but it will also make you more tired and less focused.  Position lighting high enough so your shadow doesn’t interfere.  IKEA - price varies

Practice Mute - Don't want to disturb others? Get a heavy-duty practice mute which will dampen the sound by 90%!  Practice Mutes - price varies