2019 Reflection Essay

     Right after recital season is the perfect time to reflect on where you'd like to be by next year's recital!  It is a tradition in the Nguyen Music Studio to write a letter to your teacher documenting your answers to the following questions:

1. “One year from today, I would like to have accomplished..."

Think of specific goals such as “I would like to learn 20 pieces by next year” or “I would like to audition for and join a youth orchestra before summer”. Goals such as these not only give you something specific to work towards but also help me to establish your curriculum as we move forward. Things like specific repertoire, physical habits, mental habits, musical knowledge, musical experiences, ensembles, or auditions can be used.

2. “As a musician, something I am proud of learning or achieving this past year is...”

What is something that you are proud to have spent your time and energy doing this past year? Why does it make you feel so satisfied? Was it a big challenge you had to overcome, or was it something that came easily to you? What did you learn about yourself by doing it? Would you do it (or something like it) again?

3. “A non-musically related thing that I struggle with sometimes which prevents me from achieving my musical goals is...”

We love to play music, but sometimes school, chores, socializing, extracurricular activities, or other things can make it difficult to make time or even focus. Maybe you’re dealing with a particularly stressful situation or you may have difficulties with learning or concentrating for long periods of time. Whatever you find personally challenging, please describe it here.

4. “In a perfect world, I imagine that my music lessons would be...”

If you could have the ideal music lesson, what would it look like? How long would it be? What sorts of things would you want to work on? How would you go about learning those things? What would your ideal teacher be like? What would you want to work on during the week to help you achieve your goals? Would there be any rewards?

5. I would like to tell Ms. Quyen...

Anything and everything that you’d like to let me know, please say it here. Whether you enjoy the lessons or wish it were taught in a different style or direction, feel free to let me know so I can help you in the best way possible!     

Alternatively, you can also send your letter by email to your future self, one year from now, by visiting FutureMe.org!